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Copywriting Services

Content is Queen. No matter what you’re doing on the web, whether it’s creating a new website, sending out a newsletter, updating your Facebook page, or launching a Google AdWords campaign, you’ll need words and a strategy to make it all fit together.

Whether you’re looking for a copywriter, expert content marketer, or ghost blogger, Anna writes and search engine optimizes (SEOs) web pages, blogs, newsletters, emails, social media updates (View my copywriting samples), and more. If you need a consultant to help you decide what you should be writing, she can do that too.

DIY Marketing Trainer

Anna coaches individuals and offers group workshops so professional and do-it-yourself marketers get the skill sets, and find the time and motivation they need, to implement their digital marketing strategies. Anna coaches and teaches digital marketing technology and strategy, blogging, SEO, and social media. Schedule a complimentary session to ask her about upcoming digital marketing events:

Digital Marketing Strategist

Work with Anna to create a practical and inspired digital strategy that builds your online audience, drives website traffic, attracts high quality visitors, and generates leads (you’ll supply the charisma). Check out my digital marketing project work to learn more about what Anna can do for you.

From the Blog

Let’s Celebrate Digital Marketing Month

The days of digital marketing silos that segment various marketing into stand alone functions are over. To be really effective today, you are going to have to integrate all of your on and offline efforts into a unified strategy. – @Fondalo The truth is, since 2010, every month has been digital marketing month for me. When I’m not momming, grabbing a quick cup of tea with friends, or roaming the streets of San Francisco (and, of course, I’ve got my trusty iPhone with me so I can Instagram any shareable moments I happen to run into), I’m thinking about digital marketing strategy, digital marketing trends, and even the perfect digital marketing definition. Digital marketing is what I do! For me, the perfect digital marketing celebration is driving traffic to my clients’ websites so that they can convert that traffic into sales if their sites are eCommerce, or capture contact information if they have a service business. This blog post is all about what you, as a business owner, can do to celebrate this digital marketing month and all the coming digital marketing months. Let’s start with a digital marketing definition. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is a set of activities that include: Market research Planning Branding Infrastructure (websites, social profiles, reviews) Search engine optimization (SEO) Content creation Social media marketing Digital advertising eMail marketing and Analytics A digital marketing [Read More]

What to Do About Referral Spam

Recently, I was looking through my website’s Google Analytics and I saw something that made me pause. Under referrals, there was a new kid in town delivering 8% of my website referral traffic. The kid’s name was Quality Market Zone, and what this kid was providing my website was anything but quality. What this and similar spammers do is called referral spam. For marketers, referral spam is a problem because, unless you become aware of it and remove it, you run the risk of misreporting data to your clients. If you are a business owner, you think your traffic is healthier than it really is (in my case, 8% healthier!) or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, you may think your bounce rate is much higher than it is. Other, potentially more serious, issues include referral spammers using your site to create back links to their spam sites and/or Google downgrading your site if spammers link to it too often (see below). The harm is usually fairly easy to reverse, but it’s still a time-consuming addition to your to-do list. Although it’s a fact of modern marketing, any way you look at it, referral spam is an imposition. So, what can you do? What to Do About Referral Spam The first thing you need to do is export your referral traffic into a spreadsheet and identify all spam sites. [Read More]

How to Monitor & Measure Social Media for Customer Service & More

  With over 1.49 billion users, the fact that your customers are on social media should by now be a no-brainer. Given that reality, this post aims to give you a few pointers about how and why you should use social media to grow your business. The first thing you should know is that social media has the lowest (measurable) return on investment (ROI) of any digital marketing channel. Organic search has a far greater conversion rate, and email–the old grandmammy everyone would like to relegate to the past–is still the winner when it comes to conversion. So what’s the big deal? We’ve already said that your customers are on social. Businesses at the head of the pack won’t give up until they learn how to tame the beast, which will involve figuring out how and what works on social media to improve ROI. The other big deal is that social media, whether its easily measurable or not, is great for building your brand in general and reaching out to the people who really matter–your customers and clients. In a world in which people see upwards of 3,000 to 20,000 images per day (Yankelvich Research), you want your brand to be visible–but not annoying. In today’s world, the absence of pain can be pleasure. That’s why user experience, which is in my opinion one way to explain what customer service [Read More]

Good Books to Read Power Trio * September 2015

Good Books to Read * September 2015 A Power Trio of Two Good Books and One Cool Film As some of you know but most of you don’t, I want to write best-selling fiction and creative nonfiction books. I know: success is anything but assured. However, my new motto is #neverhide, so I might as well tell the truth about my aspirations. This month I want to treat two books and a movie, together. The first book I’ve already shared with you, but it is having such an impact on me that I want to share it again. It is called Story by Robert McKee. This wonderful book is teaching me about the structure of story and how to develop stories. Since reading it, I have been observing the stories I read and see in a new way. Now, I am learning to see stories with a kind of x-ray vision. Along with how to research stories and delve into minds and motivations of characters who do not yet exist, I am starting to see the flesh and bones of story underneath the skin. It’s thrilling! One of the greatest achievements of American literature is The Portrait of a Lady. At first the ending upset me. I had to turn to Wikipedia even to understand it (also revealed in the #neverhide spirit). I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I’ve [Read More]

Analyzing Conversion Rates Within Google Analytics

If you can tell me the conversion rate of a female, mobile user in Wells, Nevada visiting your website via LinkedIn on a Saturday, then you understand how to find conversion rates that actually matter. As Google Analytics expert Avinash Kaushik says, “All data in aggregate is crap.” That goes double for analyzing conversion rates. As an example: Somewhere there’s a search marketer telling their boss, “For visitors coming from Google, our eCommerce conversion rate is 4.5%.” Let’s congratulate this person on re-vomiting data without giving any insight. Insight requires that you ask, “Why?” And from there you’ll begin segmentation of your data. How it works: The 4.5% conversion rate number is just an average of a bunch of other numbers. In this example, let’s say that the company whose conversion rate from Google is 4.5% sells flowers. When we dig into their search traffic data, we find that the visitors are evenly divided between people who are looking for purple flowers, pink flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers, and blue flowers. We know these are the visitors’ search terms because we can see the web page URL that they landed on. If they landed on a page where they can only buy yellow flowers, and yellow flowers is in the title tag, they must have been using search phrases that have those keywords in them. When we start to measure [Read More]

The Psychology of Listicles: 5 Reasons Why You Click

Listicles. Love them or hate them, you’re still going to click the link and read them. Both writers and readers alike have bemoaned listicles, and yet they only continue to grow in popularity. And while it seems like listicles are a recent blight on journalism and writing, they’ve actually been around for quite some time, even harkening back to ancient origins. The first listicles featured the likes of the Ten Commandments, and in modern history, important documents such as the U.S. Constitution. Yet the advance of online writing has propelled listicles forward into a new age, and now they dominate online press sites, blog sites, and all sources of online news. The saturation is a bit much, we agree, and yet we still click away. Why? Why this madness?! I don’t need to see another 13 reasons why kittens are cute! Or ten ways to lose weight. Or 5 benefits of calling my grandmother. Rest assured, you are not crazy; the psychology of listicles explains the reasons why we are drawn to them like moths to a flame. So keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you click on listicles and why reading them is actually a good thing. 1. Lists Are Memorable One of the reasons phone numbers contain hyphens is because it makes them easier to remember. When we space things out or break things up, it’s easier [Read More]

Client Testimonials

Anna kept my project moving even when I was slowing down. She made decisions easy for me. She really listened to my business parameters and made them work in the website. She was also very quick with results. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna Colibri.

—Kitty Smith-Russack, SF Notary Now

Anna is a skilled communicator and creative, dedicated and talented colleague. She has excellent verbal and written communication skills, is a quick study, and takes initiative in seeking ways to improve outcomes.

—Jim Emerman, Executive Vice President, Civic Ventures

Anna Colibri has provided outreach and marketing support for Food Sovereignty Tours, Food First’s educational travel program. She has made important contacts with regards to marketing our France Tour: “Food Sovereignty and Artisan Production” and began building institutional relationships that will be invaluable to Food Sovereignty Tours’ long-term marketing efforts. She is energetic and professional.

—Tanya Kerssen, Program Director, Food Sovereignty Tours

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