Friday Tech Savvy Roundup — Saturday Edition :s

Friday Tech Savvy Roundup — Saturday Edition :s
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Tech Savvy Diamond Ring

Week of February 11, 2013

The Tech Savvy Pope

As you may or may not know, the Pope resigned Monday — the first pope to do so since 1415. Pope Benedict XVI is a special Pope for many reasons, not the the least of which is that he is the first tech savvy Pope, boasting an official Twitter page (@pontifex) with over 1.5 million followers. So, if you think you are going to miss this Pope, go ahead and tweet him. (On a personal note, I think his handle is actually pretty hip!)

New Trends in Philanthropy Among Tech Savvy

Moving from religion to philanthropy, this USA Today article takes a look at some of the biggest philanthropists in Silicon Valley, as well as new trends in “philanthrocapitalism.”

Tech Savvy Girl Scouts

It’s that Girl Scout Cookie time of year again, and the Girl Scouts, long known for their own successful fundraising and leadership training, have gone tech savvy with their Girl Scout Cookie Finder app.

Valentine’s Day

We knew Valentine’s Day was more about consumerism than anything else, but this article shows how tech savvy brings the concept to new heights. You can use “augmented reality” to “try on” a diamond ring and then print out the results to share with any, er, interested parties.

Good luck with that!

Okay, friends! See ya next week for another Tech Savvy Roundup!

Anna Colibri

Anna Colibri

Anna Colibri owns the eponymous Anna Colibri, a mompreneurial marketing solutions company providing teaching, writing & digital strategy for small businesses and solopreneurs. When she's not working she's momming, meditating or iPhonographing the streets of San Francisco.
Anna Colibri

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